On Rebuilding Heritage, through a process of continuous consultation, we listened to feedback from across the heritage sector about how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted organisations and businesses. Our programming themes were based on your concerns and requests.

From Survival to Sustainability

Events ran May-July 2021

What’s next? What’s normal? It’s time to think about the future for the heritage sector and to look at how we can capture learnings from the year that is behind us and embed them into our practice in years to come. Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic has raised many challenges, it has also created space for us to experiment with new and different ways of working and to think more deeply about what it is we do and why. To return to ‘business as usual’ would be to miss the opportunity to change for the better. The new approaches we adopted to survive through this difficult time can now be a valuable part of a more sustainable future. 

The webinars in this series looked at the positive changes we can embrace that will help the sector to move forwards.


Image: Max van den Oetelaar

Finding Time

Events ran January-March 2021

We all know that it’s important to prioritise but it can be difficult, when we’re under pressure, to get the balance right between the things that we need to keep our organisations going and the things we need to keep ourselves going. Our Finding Time resources look at wellbeing, motivation, and inclusivity. We want to make sure that we recognise these as not just ‘nice to have’ but ‘necessary to have’ and support the heritage sector to implement good working practices in these areas.

The webinars in this series were produced as a specific response to the circumstances arising as a result of Covid-19 lockdowns but they look to the future and support the implementation of better practice far beyond the pandemic.


Image: Jason Leung

Ways Out Of Crisis

Events ran November-December 2020

One of the biggest challenges faced by the heritage sector throughout the Covid-19 pandemic has been the difficulty in knowing exactly what the challenge is. When circumstances, restrictions, and guidance are constantly changing it can be difficult to keep up let alone know how to respond. We cannot predict the future but we want to help you to plan for uncertainty. Our Ways Out of Crisis resources look at tried and tested approaches for organising your activity and making the best use of your resources during challenging times.

The webinars in this series were produced as a specific response to the circumstances arising as a result of Covid-19 lockdowns but the approaches are transferrable to all forms of planning activity.


Image: Plann

Going Digital

Connections to the Heritage Digital programme

Digital communication has taken on a far more significant role within heritage practice than even the biggest advocates could have predicted. Digital technology underpins and facilitates the way we work with our colleagues, the way we reach out to our audiences, and the way we engage with heritage content. There are great opportunities but there is also a lot to learn in order to make best use of them. In Going Digital we are providing links out to the key streams of the Heritage Digital programme which provides advice and guidance on the use of digital technology.


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