Wellbeing Gym: Sphere of Influence


Personal workplace resilience is the ability to respond to the various challenges of work in a way which enables you to flourish. COVID-19 is having an adverse effect on our wellbeing and is triggering and worsening mental ill health conditions. The good news is that, just like our physical fitness, you can improve your wellbeing with action and reflection on habitual behaviour patterns. The Sphere of Influence, with Wellbeing and Resilience Coach and Trainer Steve Wood, is an activity to help you let go of the things you cannot action. You will need some post-its, or small bits of paper, and a pen or pencil. This event is part of a series on wellbeing in the heritage sector.

Meet the Speaker

Steve Wood

Performance Coach and Management Consultant

Steve is a creative and engaging Coach, Management Consultant and Facilitator, with a 24-year track record of supporting individuals, teams, organisations and partnerships to improve performance, wellbeing and resilience and to solve complex problems.  Steve uses a combination of cognitive and behavioural psychology, improvement, change and innovation methods and personal wellbeing techniques to make a real difference to people, organisations and wider systems.  Steve is passionate about passing on the skills and techniques he had learnt through his career to as many people as possible.  He is an expert trainer and has worked widely in the heritage and cultural sector, with SMEs, local authorities, regional and national bodies.

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