Repurposing Social Media Content with James Berg

Communications and social media expert James Berg guides heritage organisations through techniques for creating reusable and evergreen content, saving you time and energy.

This webinar took place on 28/03/23.

When time is short, it can be tempting to create content as you go. But coming up with new content all the time is exhausting and not very efficient.

This session helps you to plan your big pieces of content and gives you practical ways of repurposing it easily and effectively.

Through this training, you’ll learn:

• The basics of content repurposing and how it can save time and money

• Ways to approach content creation in a more strategic way, investing in cornerstone pieces of content

• The importance of planning content with repurposing in mind

Meet the Speaker

James Berg

Social Media Expert

James Berg is a content and communications consultant and the founder of Picaroons (a content creation agency).

His experience as a digital insights expert and content strategist led him to work with the likes of Facebook, IBM, Philips, Samsung, SEAT,, GSK, ESPN, Bupa and P&G.

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