#RebuildingAdvent – resources for heritage organisations during Covid 19

In December 2020, as part of our ‘Ways Out of Crisis’ series, we ran an advent calendar campaign on twitter sharing useful tools, frameworks, and resources to help heritage organisations with their planning activity. We’ve collated the posts here so you can refer back to them when you’re in need.

1. Crisis response – plan your communications

December is here… and on #RebuildingHeritage we’ve got a most unusual #RebuildingAdvent calendar!
A resource a day.
Let’s begin with this visual communications audit – if you want to review your activity, this is what you need to cover!
More detail at: https://rebuildingheritage.org.uk/resource/crisis-communications-9-min/

2. Digital engagement – top tips

Day 2 of our #RebuildingAdvent and our next resource is from our colleagues at @Heritage_NGOs #HeritageDigital programme.
We love this list of #digital ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s from the downloadable guide to growing audiences online: https://charitydigital.org.uk/articles/a-guide-to-growing-and-engaging-audiences-online

3. Fundraising – assess risk and benefit

#RebuildingAdvent 3 is from our fundraising #WaysOutofCrisis webinar.
If you’re planning new activities, use this matrix to assess the level of risk and ensure the approach is stretching but still sensible.
Catch up with the full session recording here: https://rebuildingheritage.org.uk/resource/rebuilding-heritage-maximising-your-fundraising/

4. Retail – top tips

Day 4 of our #RebuildingAdvent and we’d like to give a shoutout to the great work by @Aimuseums in their success guide series!
The guide to retail feels particularly relevant now as many orgs may be looking to their shops for more income.
Read more at: https://aim-museums.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Retail-2020.pdf

5. Financial sustainability – understand your position

What is financial sustainability and how can you work out if you have it?
For today’s #RebuildingAdvent we would like to share this really interesting tool from @NCVO for assessing your organisation.
Find out how to use it here: http://ncvo.org.uk/images/documents/practical_support/funding/sustainable-funding/Sustainable%20Sun%20Tool.pdf

6. Digital marketing – plan your communications

For day 6 of our #RebuildingAdvent, another resource from @Heritage_NGOs brilliant #HeritageDigital programme in the form of a Digital Marketing Strategy Template to support your #communications planning.
Download the free resource here: https://mediatrust.org/resource-hub/digital-marketing-strategy-canvas/

7. Audience development – plan your activity

Day 7 of our #RebuildingAdvent and we’d like to share this fantastic free guide from @audienceagents – audience development will be key as we emerge from the current crisis, this guide will help you create a plan for your organisation.
Full details at: https://theaudienceagency.org/resources/guide-to-audience-development-planning

8. Internal communications – improve your approaches

Many of us are still working remotely and in this set up, communication can be a particular challenge.
These helpful tips from the #SupportingLeadership report are today’s #RebuildingAdvent resource, they can apply in all working relationships.
More at: https://glam.ox.ac.uk/supporting-leadership

9. External communication – remember the essentials

….yesterday in our #RebuildingAdvent we covered internal communication but what about external communication?
The golden rule – speak with one voice!
Brilliant guidance from our Crisis Communications webinar.
Catch up with the full recording here: https://rebuildingheritage.org.uk/resource/crisis-communications/

10. SWOT – understand your position

Next up on day 10 of our #RebuildingAdvent we’ve got a classic SWOT analysis – always a useful tool for organising your thinking!
This elegant template comes from the @Nesta_uk Development Impact & You toolkit
Find it here at: https://diytoolkit.org/tools/swot-analysis-2/

11. Fundraising – top tips

#RebuildingAdvent 11 and today’s resource comes from our #RebuildingHeritage partners @CIOFtweets – if you’re thinking about expanding your #fundraising activity, this Fundraising Readiness checklist will help you to prepare.
More at: https://ciof.org.uk/events-and-training/resources/%e2%80%98opportunities-abound-in-the-face-of-adversity-(1)

12. Redundancy – essential advice

We’ve shared this before but it’s worth sharing again for our #RebuildingAdvent.
If you’ve been made redundant, whatever stage you’re in remember this will pass and follow the steps in this great article from @BVSC to help you through:

13. Regeneration – set out your business case

#RebuildingAdvent 13, a slightly older resource today from the Heritage Recycled project with @TheCCT but one which still has brilliant advice on setting out a business case for #regeneration.
More explanation of this checklist in the full guide here: http://heritagerecycled.eu/heritage-businessplan.html

14. Emails – top tips

#RebuildingAdvent 14 – it’s Monday morning & we all know how to send an email… right?
Never forget, there’s always room for improvement!
Today’s resource is this list of top tips.
Watch the full #HeritageDigital session on growing audiences online at: https://charitydigital.org.uk/heritage-digital-webinars/growing-and-engaging-audiences-online?tab=watch-here

15. Social media – be more strategic

For day 15 of our #RebuildingAdvent, another resource from our Crisis Communications webinar.
This time on the tricky subject of….. social media!
Follow these steps to keep your engagement in check.
The full recording is now available on our website: https://rebuildingheritage.org.uk/resource/crisis-communications/

16. Wellbeing – take a break

Day 16 of our #RebuildingAdvent.
Today’s resource is… no resource and a reminder instead of the importance of taking a break.
Be kind to yourself. You are doing great.

17. Annual leave – switch off from work

#RebuildingAdvent 17 and some advice today about preparing for the festive break.
These great tips from @Heritage_NGOs #HeritageDigital programme can help you get organised. Do you have any more to share?

18. Digital engagement – plan your approaches

Many in #heritage have made progress this year with #digital activities, it may be time now to underpin this great learning with a great strategy!
Today’s #RebuildingAdvent resource comes from @Heritage_NGOs #HeritageDigital session on digital strategy: https://charitydigital.org.uk/heritage-digital-webinars/digital-strategy-for-heritage-what-why–how7?tab=watch-here

19. Customer Relationships – checklist for systems

…yesterday’s #RebuildingAdvent looked at digital strategy, now let’s move on to some detail – today’s resource is a handy checklist of things to think about when choosing a CRM, from the #HeritageDigital beginner’s guide to digital: https://charitydigital.org.uk/articles/a-beginners-guide-to-digital-technology-for-the-heritage-sector

20. Problem solving – organise your thinking

#RebuildingAdvent 20 and here’s another interesting framework from the @Nesta_uk Development Impact & You toolkit.
It’s been a challenging year for the #heritage sector, this may help you to unpick some thorny issues: https://diytoolkit.org/tools/problem-definition-2/

21. Recruitment – map your needs

Are you thinking about recruiting new staff in the new year? It may be helpful to map duties to create a focused role.
For our #RebuildingAdvent 21 here’s an example from the #SupportingLeadership report to show how this can work in practice.
More at: https://glam.ox.ac.uk/supporting-leadership

22. Business planning – understand your position

#RebuildingAdvent 22 and we’d like to introduce the Circle of Control.
When undertaking business planning activity it’s important to differentiate between things we can and can’t influence, find out how to map your circle in our #WaysOutofCrisis webinar: https://rebuildingheritage.org.uk/resource/rebuilding-heritage-business-planning-in-uncertain-times/

23. Wellbeing – make time for you

Day 23 of our #RebuildingAdvent and whilst many of us are at rest, we’re aware that some of you in #heritage may still be working hard.
No resource again today for #WellbeingWednesday and another reminder to make some space for you, whenever you get the chance.

24. Crisis response – reflect and learn

The last day of our #RebuildingAdvent and it seems fitting to go back to where we began, these tips are from our very first webinar – on recovery after a communications crisis – but we feel they have broader significance too!
Find all our webinars at: https://rebuildingheritage.org.uk/resources/

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