Managing Hybrid Teams

Creative United presented a webinar with business consultant Andrew Evans which unpacked the challenges and benefits of managing teams who work remotely or in a site-based and home-based hybrid.

This event took place on Thursday 13 May 2021. It was updated into a resource here in early 2022.

Covid-19’s biggest impact on the heritage, creative and cultural sectors, has been the closure of venues which, thankfully, will be only temporary. The second biggest impact, the relocation of hundreds of thousands of staff from sites and offices to working from home, is far more likely to be permanent, at least in part.

Whilst many of us will be delighted to see colleagues and visitors again in person there is unlikely to be any appetite for an immediate return to crowded rush-hour transport five days a week. Hybrid models seem the most likely result – but how will they work and what are the issues for the heritage sector? As a dynamic sector, well accustomed to bringing together diverse teams of employees and volunteers working in different capacities and across disciplines, there is much that we already know about flexibility that can help us to adapt to and make the most of the new changes on the horizon.

This webinar, with business consultant Andrew Evans, untangles some of the key challenges facing heritage organisations as we all find our feet in this new world. It includes practical advice on:

  • Understanding the range of hybrid models available
  • Benefits and challenges of hybrid models
  • Retaining and developing organisational culture
  • Keeping teams connected
  • Understanding expectations and obligations
  • Productivity and cost implications
  • Options for implementation for organisations of different natures

This session will give you new tools and confidence to approach hybrid working.

Meet the Speaker

Andrew Evans

Director, Think Philanthropy & Director, Diversify Your Talent

Andrew works with individuals on planning their charitable giving and with for-profit and not-for-profit businesses on a range of issues including governance, productivity, and fundraising. Andrew and his former National Museums Liverpool colleague James Hernandez also run Diversify Your Talent – a specialist consultancy helping organisations implement anti-racism policies and other equality and diversity improvements.

Before setting up Think Philanthropy Andrew was Director of Development at National Museums Liverpool where his proudest achievements were driving the expansion of the International Slavery Museum and bringing the Terracotta Warriors to Liverpool’s World Museum. Andre’w current and recent clients include People’s History Museum Manchester, Brecon Cathedral, Forestry England, Sunderland City Council and Northumbria University.

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