People-led: Internal communications in heritage settings

Media Trust presents a webinar to help you to improve your internal communications in heritage and bring your organisation together as one.

Internal communication is one of the most important things to get right in bringing your whole organisation along with you; but it’s something that is often overlooked or not done properly. It can end up slipping to the bottom of a priority list and, if poorly handled, can create issues for an organisation both internally and externally. In the recent context of a national pandemic, with people working in different places and through different technology, it’s more important than ever to understand how to share organisational messages and make sure that everyone is heading in the same direction.

Whether you are part of a large organisation or a tiny one, effective internal communication in heritage settings should be the first step in helping you to reach all of your other, wider and external communication goals. It’s crucial to bring together individuals, teams, departments, volunteers and trustees – we all work with people and this session will have something for everyone.

During this 90 minute interactive webinar we will cover:

  • How to plan an internal communication campaign that takes account of your individual situation and goals
  • Reaching people through the most effective channels
  • How the pandemic and new ways of working should be factored in to your communication
  • What content to focus on
  • Effective team working and understanding other people’s working styles
  • How to involve and engage others in your plans
  • Managing difficult situations or crises

There will be time for you to work on your own examples, share with and learn from the group, and to ask questions.

Meet the Speaker

Lara Cooper

Communications consultant

Lara Cooper has 20 years of experience in marketing and communications, with a particular focus on strategic planning and a keen understanding of the not-for-profit sector. Lara has worked in an advertising agency, in Central government and with many charitable organisations. She has also worked with various commercial clients, and encourages charities to take a commercial view when planning their communication. Lara helps organisations to communicate effectively, using key insights and with tools, ideas and exercises that everyone can take back to their day job to use in different situations.

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