Inclusivity at Work

Disability Collaborative Network and EMBED present a webinar to explore the characteristics of inclusive leadership and its important role in inclusivity at work in the heritage sector.

This event took place on Monday 22nd February 2021. Material from this and other talks in the series are available as a toolkit, 10 minute podasts and blogs – links here.

Inclusive leadership, what does it really mean? Over the years we have characterised leadership as being ringfenced for CEOs, trustees and people managers. But inclusive leadership goes above and beyond. For us to create inclusivity at work in the heritage sector it requires every one of us to take on responsibility and accountability for leading inclusion in the workplace.

Whether you are a people manager, staff member or volunteer, each of you can create intersectional inclusive methods of working practice; create positive change, with compassion and empathy. Inclusive leaders are vital to organisations to create and proactively support the changing needs of their existing customers whilst attracting and maintaining growth of new audiences.

This webinar, with inclusion specialists Becki Morris and Sarah Simcoe, will cover the following key areas:

  • The characteristics of an inclusive leader and how to cultivate your practice
  • The benefits of inclusive leadership to the organisation
  • Authentic changes you can make within the organisation
  • Introducing “empowerment” as a workplace tool
  • Realistic advice on overcoming challenges

Inclusive leaders are imperative in how sectors and organisations manage crisis and change, no more so than during the pandemic.

Meet the Speakers

Becki Morris

Director, Disability Collaborative Network

Becki Morris is an independent consultant who works across sectors to support organisations and the Heritage Sector in intersectional inclusive practice in the workforce, working practice and service provision.

Since 2015, Becki created and founded the Disability Collaborative Network in Heritage. DCN creates and supports all organisations in the heritage sector to identify barriers, create solutions and implement positive action to empower staff, agencies, policymakers and organisations to create intersectional inclusive practice. In 2020, DCN became a partner of EMBED, a unique cross-sector partnership to support the heritage sector in key skills and learning to develop a fresh approach to diverse heritage organisations on their inclusion journey through business skills, strategic planning, resources and training which reflect the budgetary constraints of the sector and organisation.

Sarah Simcoe

Creator and Founder, EMBED

Sarah is a globally experienced business leader who held several positions within the private sector before embarking with her own business in 2018, and Sarah may be familiar to you all for having previously worked at Fujitsu where she led the conversation around disability networks. Passionate about responsible inclusive business that is inherently accessible and collaborative, Sarah now supports organisations such as Purple, enei, There Be Giants and PurpleSpace in providing coaching, consultancy, access auditing and people development to their members and clients.

Sarah created and founded EMBED in 2019. This consortium brings together inclusion focused consultants and organisations from across sectors and industries to offer accessible, affordable and inclusion focused services.

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