Equality, Diversity & Inclusion: 3. How to Recruit

19th January, 2022 by EMBED

3: How to Recruit



The final episode of this three part podcast series discusses how to incorporate equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) into recruitment in heritage organisations.

How does one set out to find new people? What language should you use in your adverts and role descriptions? How can you ensure that your application process is inclusive?

The transcript for this podcast is available for download: EDI Podcast 3 – How to Recruit

A snippet of advice from this podcast:

“When you’re writing the job adverts and role descriptions, be careful to avoid setting out unattainable requirements. Also, get into the habit of asking yourself if what you’re saying or writing is accessible for everyone.I’ve read job descriptions where sometimes I don’t understand what they mean because they are using corporate speak. Avoid using jargon and corporate language that won’t translate easily to someone who isn’t already in your sector. It’s also worth bearing in mind that a lot of adverts ask for previous
experience in the heritage sector, which might not be essential.
Also, avoid phrases and requirements that could discriminate against older or younger candidates.”

Produced in partnership with Museums DCN and EMBED.


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