Equality, Diversity & Inclusion: 2. How to Start

19th January, 2022 by EMBED

2: How to Start



Episode two of this three part podcast series discusses how you can start incorporating EDI practices into your heritage organisation.

What is the best way to gather data about current practices and perspectives? How to successfully implement new practices? How long should this process take?

The transcript for this podcast is available for download: EDI Podcast 2 – How to Start

An excerpt from this episode:

“There are so many things that need to be looked at what is the most important? What will have the most impact in the shortest amount of time?

So that you can understand where your organisation is on its EDI journey, first of all, do some research, ask questions. The best people to speak to are the people already working in your business from minority groups. Set up a focus group of interested people from across the organisation and ask them what their lived experience is at work. Are they able to be their authentic selves? What barriers have they witnessed? Do they have any suggestions to make the lived experience better? The answers to these questions
will then give you further information about where you need to start.”

Produced in partnership with Museums DCN and EMBED.

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