Interviews with Experts: Top 10 Tips for Heritage Communications in Times of Crisis

In this interview, crisis communications expert Phil Hayes presents his top ten tips for anyone handling communications work for heritage organisations, navigating some of the challenging issues we may face in 2023 and beyond.

Find out about:
• What makes crisis-handling strategy different for heritage organisations
• How to prepare for crises
• Controlling the flow of information
• Learning from crisis situations
• Managing conflicting needs

And more…

This interview took place on 22/02/23

Meet the Expert

Phil Hayes

Crisis Communications Consultant

Phil Hayes was a British government press officer from the early 1990s until the London Olympics of 2012, during which he worked on Royal and Ministerial visits and the Foot and Mouth crisis of 2001. He worked at Downing Street, ran the Health and Safety Executive’s podcast and was a video journalist across government.

For the last decade, Phil has been a Director of an international media training consultancy, running crisis interview training in locations across the globe, from Hong Kong to San Francisco to Pretoria and for organisations ranging from L’Oreal to the British Government, the US State Department and the Media Trust.

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