What’s the point of you? Clarifying your mission

Creative United presented a webinar to help thos managing heritage organisations and businesses reassess, refocus, and clarify your vision and mission.



There is a related resource here on writing a vision and mission.

This summer we have much to look forward to as the heritage sector reopens and continues on its journey through recovery and towards a brighter future. It’s widely acknowledged that this transitional period has the potential to be a moment for renewal and rebirth – an opportunity to decide, as heritage organisations and businesses, not just who we are but who we want to be moving forward.

Across the sector there is great ambition and enthusiasm for making the most of this opportunity, but it’s one thing to want to seize the moment and it’s quite another to know exactly how to do this, especially whilst there are still so many other problems and pressures constantly competing for our attention. Clarifying your vision and mission is an excellent first step.

In this 2-part webinar we will explore how you can find confidence in your visioning activity:

PART 1: We’ll start with an interview with Dr. John Tanner, Museum and Heritage Project Manager for Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, who will give you insights and practical advice on revisioning, gaining clarity on your mission and goals, and grounding them throughout your organisation or business.

PART 2: Then we will move on to a knowledge-sharing conversation from business planning experts who will explore approaches and tools to aid your visioning process, develop your ideas, and executive management tips to ensure that your vision comes to fruition.

Over the course of the session we will cover:

  • How to define your mission and design a vision for your heritage organisation, voluntary group, or freelance business
  • How staff and volunteers can be involved in visioning exercises
  • How to align your objectives and processes
  • How to undertake refocusing, revisioning, business planning and goal setting activities, and incorporate the results in the context of your organisation or business

This session is for boards and directors seeking to reassess or stress-test their organisational objectives but the tips and tools that are discussed will also be valuable to all who might be seeking guidance on how to refresh or refocus their work or who are interested in understanding more about how this process works.

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Meet the Speaker

Dr. John Tanner

Museum and Heritage Project Manager, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

John has been the project manager in the museums team at Barnsley Council since the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 and he has helped the team to totally transform the way that they look at heritage whilst overhauling their sites and creating a brand-new museum for the city from scratch. The team look after an array of heritage sites from a fully functioning flour mill to the oldest working engine – the Newcomen Beam Engine, housed at Elsecar Heritage Centre (a historic industrial and mining village). John has been instrumental at creating and sharing a grand vision to make and create places where local people can learn about history, experience nature and creativity and be proud of their city. In additional to working for Barnsley MBC, John also helps other organisations to be as successful as Barnsley’s – he has worked on projects with the Yorkshire Arboretum at Castle Howard, the new museum at Skipton, North Yorkshire and the Maritime Museum in Hull.

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