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Rebuilding Heritage is a responsive programme and the team is constantly undertaking consultation and analysing programme applications and evaluation to monitor the changing needs within the sector.

The programme is designed to provide rapid response support through short interventions, however, responding to participant feedback we have worked with our partners to create a series exclusive offers to allow programme participants to continue their learning and development. The following offers are only open to existing programme participants, i.e. those who have been offered support in Rounds 1-4, and can be accessed through the opt in form circulated to participants by email.

Networking events: Forward Facing Conversations

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What does this offer include?

This series of online networking sessions will run from June through to October and will allow you to connect with other heritage professionals and explore different challenges currently facing the sector. Each session will include a provocation from a guest speaker, followed by facilitated discussion, networking, ideas sharing and action planning. We will also be encouraging groups to stay connected beyond the initial discussions.

The sessions will be facilitated by Clore Leadership Associate Amanda Smethurst, an independent consultant, coach and facilitator with a particular focus on organisational development and strategic planning within the cultural sector.

How do I access this support?

This is open to all programme participants from Rounds 1-4, the dates and themes for the sessions have been set and you can register interest in attending through the form circulated by email. There are capacity limits for each session so we ask that participants only express interest in sessions they can (with reasonable certainty) commit to attending. If demand for this offer is high we will explore opportunities to expand the capacity with additional groups.

Digital Communications support

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What does this offer include?

This is digital communications support from a media or comms expert, for 4 hours per month for 3 months. The consultant’s areas of expertise include PR, social media, marketing strategy, campaign planning, measuring impact, digital fundraising and more. They will offer capacity support in the form of advice, guidance and the actioning of tasks.

How do I access this offer?

This is open to all programme participants from Rounds 1-4, whether or not you have received communications support through the programme, but capacity is limited. If you would like to be considered for this support you can register your interest through the form that has been circulated by email, we are asking for a brief proposal explaining how you would make use of this support to assist us with allocating the support appropriately.

Rebuilding Heritage showcase

What does this offer include?

We now have 138 organisations and businesses participating in Rebuilding Heritage – we’re really proud of the programme and everyone on it!

We’d like to publish a listing of our participants (organisations and business names only, not participating individuals or any detail of the support received) to help raise awareness of the programme, our participants, and the great work that you do. We would like to launch the listing for the upcoming National Lottery Heritage Fund campaign to celebrate National Lottery Open Week between 5-13 June 2021.  

We all do better together and we need a good number of participants involved to make this possible, we’ve set a threshold and are seeking a minimum of 50% take up in order to launch to ensure that if you are on the listing you are part of a wide community – please help us to hit our target by opting in.

How do I access this offer?

We are asking all participants to opt in through the form circulated by email – there is no extra work involved in being part of the listing. If you are listed as a programme participant we will also help to share your content during the National Lottery Open Week campaign.

Business planning check in

What does this offer include?

This is an additional 2-hour consultation session for participants in receipt of business planning support during Rounds 1-3 of the programme to provide a “check in” to review progress, discuss emerging challenges and needs, and sense-check their current planning activity.

How do I access this offer?

Programme participants who have received and completed their business planning support during Rounds 1-3 can opt in through the form that has been circulated by email, the support session must take place in June-July 2021.

If you have not yet received business planning support, but feel you are in need of it, please apply through the main programme. The last opportunity to apply will be Round 5 and details of the application dates are here: https://rebuildingheritage.org.uk/bookingnow/

Improving Your Application training

What does this offer include?

In assessing the responses in application forms, the Rebuilding Heritage team identified that there was a need to support organisations with writing applications. Responding to this need we have run a 2-part training course with the Chartered Institute of Fundraising looking at techniques for improving your applications, looking at transferrable skills but using the Rebuilding Heritage application process as an example. We will be repeating this training and are now widening our offer.

How do I access this offer?

The next instance of this training will be in two parts on the afternoons of Tuesday 29 June and Tuesday 6 July – if you feel you could benefit from this training and would like to be considered please opt in through the form circulated by email.

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