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Free specialist support and training for the heritage sector

The Rebuilding Heritage programme is providing free 121 and group support for organisations and individuals in the heritage sector. This support is open to organisations (including voluntary organisations) and to individuals, for example: sole traders/freelancers and those running a limited business.

This is a UK-wide programme covering England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.


  • 121 Communications support & training follow up
  • 121 Fundraising support
  • Rebuilding Leadership training
  • Managing Wellbeing training
  • Financial Literacy training & 121 follow up
  • *NEW* Organisational Storytelling training

The deadline for applications will be 11pm, Tuesday 27 July 2021.

Application to the programme are made through an online questionnaire – accessible at the link below – which should take around 30 minutes to complete. Applicants can apply for one, some or all of the support on offer, full details of the support offers are included below. The Rebuilding Heritage team will use the application questionnaire to assess support needs and match organisations and individuals to the right type of support.

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Successful applicants will be contacted within a week of the application deadline, support sessions will take place remotely (via video call or phone call).

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Find out more about the programme offers and how to apply at one of our informal sessions:

Thursday 22 July, Online, 1pm – 1.30pm

121 support in Round 6 (FINAL ROUND)

121 communications strategy support from Media Trust

Through this dedicated support package, Media Trust will work with you to assess the strengths and weakness of your current communications activity and to develop an action plan that will enable you to build on your current capacity and resources. In an initial strategy planning session, an expert communications consultant will help you to review your target audiences, messaging, language, and key communication channels and will guide you through the development of your strategy. You will work together to define specific communications objectives, identify areas of weakness, and determine the actions that can be taken to address them and you will receive support in implementation through a second follow up session to review progress.

121 fundraising consultancy from the Chartered Institute of Fundraising

In a one hour session you will be able to explore a specific challenge that you or your organisation are currently facing. An expert from the Chartered Institute of Fundraising will provide you with tailored advice in response to the challenge you have raised. The experts have experience of working with a range of organisations from local charities, to new start up organisations through to well know national names. The topic of your focused discussion can range from fundraising strategy to front-line delivery.

Group training in Round 6 (FINAL ROUND)

Rebuilding Leadership training in groups with Clore Leadership

One individual, in a leadership or senior management position, from your organisation or business will take part in two half day training sessions exploring what it means to be a leader in uncertain and changeable times. Clore Leadership Associate Emma Haughton will lead online training sessions which look at the mindsets of leaders and how these need to adapt to navigate challenging circumstances. In these sessions you will be part of group of heritage professionals in positions of responsibility (including within voluntary organisations) who will work together to explore leadership skills and strategies. These sessions will help you to find courage, resilience and capabilities to lead through and beyond the challenges of 2020 and will provide opportunities for discussion and knowledge sharing.
The training for this round will be two half-day sessions on the mornings of 7 & 14 September.

Managing Wellbeing training in groups with Steve Wood

One individual, with line management responsibility in your organisation or business (this could include volunteer management), will take part in two sessions exploring ways of managing wellbeing. Organisational wellbeing starts with individual wellbeing. In these sessions Steve Wood, an expert in organisational improvement, will guide you in how to implement Wellness Action Planning (WAP) in your organisation and support those you manage during these incredibly challenging times. You will work alongside other heritage professionals to identify ways to develop and agree WAPs, set goals, recognise achievements and plan personal development.
The training for this round will be two 2-hour sessions on the afternoons of 8 & 22 September.

Financial Literacy training in groups with Creative United

One individual, who has responsibility for organisational finances, will be able to participate in an online group training session explaining financial management processes. Through this training you will look at the practicalities involved with day to day budget management, learn how to create and use cashflow templates, and review approaches to financial risk management. This session is designed to help you to gain control over your budgets and to increase your confidence in understanding your organisation’s financial position.
The training for this round will take place on 30 September, between 10am-12pm.

Organisational Storytelling with Media Trust

This half day course is designed to support organisations delve into the techniques and approaches explored in “What’s the point of you? Communicating who you are and what you do”. Working in a small group with other heritage professionals, Media Trust will help you to better understand your organisational story and find simple ways of expressing what makes you special.  Within this practical session you’ll gain an understanding of the essential elements of great storytelling and undertake practical activities to help you hone your message.
The training for this round will take place on the morning of 9 September.

Previous support offers

121 business support from Creative United

This support is no longer available. The last opportunity to apply for this support was Round 5. If you are interested in finding out more about approaches to business planning you can watch the recording of our webinar:
Business Planning in Uncertain Times: watch the video here
Or book for our upcoming webinar:
Managing Organisational Change: register to attend here

121 legal assistance 

This support is no longer available. If you have any specific legal issues you can contact the Rebuilding Heritage team at
You may also wish to consider joining the Heritage Alliance, whose members have access to free legal advice from Bates Wells. Find out more about Heritage Alliance membership here.

Inclusion in the Workplace training in groups with DCN and EMBED

This support is no longer available. If you are interested in finding out more about inclusive working practices you can watch the recordings of our webinars:
Inclusivity at Work: watch the video here
Tools for Workplace Inclusion: watch the video here
You can also find out more at

Digital Marketing for Heritage Freelancers with Media Trust

This support is no longer available.  If you are interested in finding out more about approaches to marketing and communications you can book onto:
What’s the point of you? Communicating who you are and what you do: register to attend here

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