Accessibility statement

Rebuilding Heritage is a National Lottery Heritage Fund (NLHF) funded partnership project led by The Heritage Alliance with subject specialist partners Media Trust, Creative United, Chartered Institute of Fundraising and Clore Leadership. Between November 2020 and October 2021, the programme will be providing support, training and resources to help the heritage sector respond to the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The programme is being delivered digitally (i.e. no in-person meetings or training will take place) and covers the whole of the UK. The purpose of this statement is to outline the intentions and actions of the project to meet the diverse needs of its audiences.

As part of the open-to-all programme, Rebuilding Heritage will be creating digital outputs, including webinars, guides and toolkits. In the by applications support, Rebuilding Heritage will be providing dedicated consultancy support in 121 and group sessions.

Accessibility for participants

Rebuilding Heritage is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and all support on the programme is provided free of charge to ensure it is as accessible as possible to all types of organisations.

The Rebuilding Heritage project includes consultation work to identify areas of the sector most in need, this will include organisations and businesses working with underrepresented communities. The Rebuilding Heritage team will ensure it supports these areas of the sector by actively prioritising ‘at risk’ or diverse organisations and businesses within the assessment process for the by-application support.

Resources on the open-to-all programme will be hosted on the website and accessible at any time and 121 consultancy support delivered through the by-application programme is scheduled by the participants to suit their time commitments.

Rebuilding Heritage will ensure all audio-visual material (namely webinars) is provided with live captions and recordings of the webinars will have burned-in captions. This service is provided by

Additional provision on request

During the registration process for successful applicants to the by-application programme we will ask participants to indicate if they require any additional support or adjustments.  Upon request, additional adjustments will be made, including the provision of suitably qualified suppliers.  This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Large print format materials
  • Captioned meetings
  • BSL interpreters
  • Welsh translators

If you require any adjustments please contact the Rebuilding Heritage team.

Welsh language speakers

Participants on the by-application programme can request support in Welsh in accordance with the above in relation to additional provision. In some cases, if there is a demand, providing suitable support may include offering alternate training provision by grouping Welsh-language speakers into a cohort for training and support.

Rebuilding Heritage will ensure essential programme material on the open-to-all programme is available in English and Welsh.  We are working towards providing Welsh translations of support material provided on the open-to-all programme. This may included, but is not limited to:

  • providing Welsh-captions or transcripts to webinars that take place in English
  • translating guides and toolkits
  • providing a translator for live online events

Digital support

The Rebuilding Heritage team recognise that not all applicants to the programme will be as comfortable as others with the digital formats for delivery. The 121 consultancy support can be delivered via telephone and the Rebuilding Heritage team will support participants to engage with elements of the programme that require the use of video call technology (webinars and group sessions) – this nature of the support will be determined by participants needs but could include individual training and practice sessions to help participants to use video call platforms.

Website accessibility

The Rebuilding Heritage website at is an evolving website that will continue to be developed over the course of the delivery of the programme. Wherever possible the Rebuilding Heritage team will develop the site in accordance with the guidance for online accessibility outlined in the National Lottery Heritage Fund guide at:


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